{You Oughta Know} ~ Alanis

A brush & ink drawing of Ottawa's original "Little Miss Thing", Alanis Morissette, on this her birth day.
Morissette exploded onto the pop music scene with her Grammy winning album "Jagged Little Pill" which featured stream-of-conscious lyrics on such songs as "Hand in My Pocket," "You Oughta Know," "All I Really Want," and the biggest hit for her "Ironic."  Critics dubbed her the 'Angry Young Female'.  She is seen as the originator for following artists Pink and Avril Lavigne.

A brush-and-ink drawing done for the Ottawa Citizen's section front page on the occasion of Morisette's first concert in Ottawa since the release and success of Jagged Little Pill.

I was using Chinese calligraphy brushes and opted for a start black-and-white look.  At this time, I was in University and was exposed to the woodcuts of Grosz, Kirchner, and other German Expressionists and the work of Japanese Calligraphic masters Hiroshige's Ukiyo-e FloatingWorld of Edo.


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