{Surrender} ~ Bun E. Carlos

charcoal drawing of Brad Carlson aka Bun E. Carlos of the rock band Cheap Trick on this his birth day.

Cheap Trick's slick, catchy hooks were based on the solid foundation pounded out by Carlos.  The band were clever marketers: Carlos frequently wore a tie and suit looking for all the world like an insurance salesman.  He and Rick Nielsen were the 'comic relief' usually placed on the back covers while 'eye candy' front-men, Zander and Peterssen, occupied the front.

A 'leftie', he arranges his kit like a 'rightie', which results in a comfortable 'open' drumming technique.  Carlos no longer tours with Cheap Trick - Rick Nielsen's son, Daxx, playes drums for the band when on tour, but Carlos is the studio drummer for Cheap Trick and he is part of the band Tinted Windows.


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