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{Misty Moutain Hop} ~ John Bonham

{The King of Swing} ~ Benny Goodman

{The Adventures of} ~ Erich Wolfgang Korngold

{Hard Act To Follow} ~ Neil Finn

{Wonder Where the Lions Are} ~ Bruce Cockburn

{The Last Waltz} ~ with Levon Helm

{How Does it Feel?} ~ Bob Dylan

{Diamond in the Rough} ~ Jewel

{Father of the Bride} ~ Richard Wagner

{Ain't Misbehavin'} ~ Fats Waller

{ Feelin' Alright } ~ Joe Cocker

{Roundabout} ~ way of Bill Bruford

{Who} ~ Are You?

{You say, Yes} ~ I say, Rick Wakeman

{ Hojotoho! } ~ Birgit Nilsson

{and the beat goes on} ~ Billy Cobham

{Glam Rocker} ~ Eno

{The Bruce} ~ Jack be nimble

{The Wonder} ~ of it all

{Pavane} ~ for Fauré

{Play it again} ~ Sigmund