{That's All Right} ~ Jimmy Rodgers

Charcoal drawing of Jimmy Rodgers on this his birthday.

Rodgers was born in Mississippi in 1924.  He came to prominence as part of the "Headcutters" or "Headhunters" alongside his bandmates Muddy Waters and Little Walter who helped establish the "Chicago Style" or "South Side" Chicago Blues.
In the 1950s he had arguably his biggest hit "That's All Right" with Chess Records.  In the 1960s he performed with another Blues legend Howlin' Wolf.

He quit the music business for a while, when he drove a cab and owned a clothing store in Chicago. The clothing store was burnt down during the Chicago riots that followed Martin Luther King's assassination.

Europe beckoned in the 70s with a blues revival, and he returned to public performance culminating in a reunion performance with Muddy Waters in 1977.  He's in the Blues Hall of Fame.  he died in 1997 in Chicago.


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