{Italians Go} ~ Bunga Bunga

More developments at the Cafe Euro this week.
Since we last visited, the French had sacked their flamboyant Chef Sarko, and opted for the egalitarian Hollande who changed the menu by eliminating any 'rich' cuisine. This immediately caused an M. Depardieu to storm out of the environs and opt for a steady diet of Russian Borscht.
But more trouble was in store.
Italians had suspended their operations, admitting to their complete and utter disfunctionality {in Vino Veritas?} and called in the auditors led by Mario Monti to restructure their affairs.  Last week, the Italians reopened for business and amazingly, the same gang poured into the room.
The Sommalier, Silvio Berlusconi [the greatest adherent to Bacchus] was back on the job.  Notorious for his 'after hours' parties at the Cafe Euro, and allegedly fudging with the pantry, Berlusconi had been banished from the environs in disgrace.  Long immune to shameful politics, the Italians greeted Silvio's Bunga-Bunga shenanigans with a simple shrug of the shoulders and foisted his presence back on the European stage.
The landlords who fund the place, Germany, were not amused.  Peer Steinbruck, the man who hopes to inherit the place, could not believe that a 'clown with high testosterone' could possibly be back in charge [who says Germans don't have a sense of humor?] and immediately, italy protested by refusing to attend dinner.  It is probably certain that German patrons will find their wine tastes a little funny in the future.
Arreviderci Roma!


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