{Ground Control} ~ to M. Garneau

Marc Garneau, Canadian aeronautic hero, came down to earth last week when he announced he was dropping out of the Liberal leadership race.  
Widely acknowledged as a bright, articulate option, he nevertheless joins many accomplished Canadians in the past who have found the launch of a political career humbling indeed [is Iggy still in the House? anyone?]
Garneau went on to support the candidacy of Justin Trudeau, even though he had been quite critical of Trudeau in recent comments.  However, that was then; this is now and Garneau feels the sun, er, son, of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is the center of the liberal universe.  
An inset caricature of Garneau at the top, below in his former career as an astronaut watching the comet of Justin Trudeau pass him by.  Pleased with the rendering of Garneau; less so with Justin [but then it looks like I'll have more opportunities to practice drawing him in the future]


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