{15 Celebrities} ~ for OM's 15th Anniversary


It's Ottawa Magazine's 15 Anniversary Edition issue and they turned to 15 local celebrities for a little Q & A on all things Ottawa.
I always like doing caricatures/portraits so this was a fun assignment for me.  
The initial excitement gave way to a little apprehension:  some of these celebrities have been mainstays in Ottawa over many years and time of course takes its toll on features [some more so than others] and in some instances I was unfamiliar with some of them so I was going by photos which are not always the most reliable.  I prefer to see a person moving in space to get a stronger sense of the planes and proportions but that was not an option.  The other challenge was some faces lent themselves very readily to exaggeration others less so and trying to keep it stylistically consistent was another issue.
In the end, b/w charcoal caricatures were produced; the client then requested color and I brought the scanned b/w charcoal renderings into the digital software and added color overtop.
Happy Anniversary Ottawa Magazine!


  1. I have a caricature of ME that you drew when we were in grade 11. Next time I'm in Ottawa I will get it out and post it. LOL, you'll love it (I had braces on my teeth at the time and you were sure to make them PROMINENT!).

  2. Hey Lydia. sorry for the late reply. I didn't see this until now. Wow...I don't even have drawings from that time. Oh dear, sorry. blame it on youthful indiscretions.


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