{ Hojotoho! } ~ Birgit Nilsson

the birth date for Sweden's greatest export...[no, not Ikea] but Birgit Nilsson.
from humble beginnings on a farm to the greatest stages of the world, Nilsson had an incomparable power which gave her the ability to soar through an orchestra in full force.
She apparently suffered from stage fright {"Before a premiere, on the way to the opera, I'd hope for just a small, small accident, it didn't need to be much, but just so I would not have to sing"] but did not suffer conductors gladly famously putting Herbert Von Karajan in his place { H v K: "Are these real pearls bought with your fabulous Metropolitan Opera fees?"  BN:  "No, these are very ordinary fake pearls bought with your lousy Vienna Staatsoper fees."]
perhaps the best testament to her unique abilities: singers declined singing the roles she made famous knowing they would suffer in comparison. 


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