{ Xanadu } ~ Neil Peart

A sketch [that probably took less time to complete than one of the subject's iconic drum solos] of one of the world's most respected and influential drummer's, Neil Peart, on this, his birthday.

Peart is the lyricist and drummer for the power trio Rush, which were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Peart's drumming is renowned for it's complexity and fondness for odd time signatures.  His initial influences were Keith Moon and John Bonham but later in his career he was asked to play with the Buddy Rich Big Band in tribute to the great drummer and Peart was dissatisfied with his playing.  He contacted Journey drummer Steve Smith, noting Smith's improved technique, and Smith recommended respected drum teacher Freddie Gruber.  Under Gruber, Peart revamped his technique, even adopting the traditional sticking method, to go alongside his matched-grip approach.  He also adopted more swing within his playing.  Peart was on hand to deliver a eulogy at Gruber's funeral.

Peart experienced another crossroad in his career following the tragic death of his daughter in a car accident and ten months later, the death of his common-law wife, from cancer [though Peart insists it was really from a 'broken heart' over their daughter's death].  At the funeral, Peart informed those present that he was 'retired' from performing.  However, with time, and a new relationship, Peart returned to writing and playing drums.


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