(Soldiering On}

Author Sharon Adams profiles Dave Fitzpatrick in the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of Legion Magazine. In the profile, Dave Fitzpatrick talks fondly of the day he signed up to serve his country and his enrollment within the Royal Canadian Regiment noting "I was a good sniper; I could certainly handle myself." Following tours at Oka, Cypress and back-to-back tours in Bosnia during the early 1990s, things changed: "I couldn't absorb it any more. I was literally vibrating by this time. It was a blur, like a dream....that day was definitely the start." The ensuing profile is a sobering and cautionary look at the effects of service for ones county and how it can change the lives of young Canadians. The Art Director wanted a more expressionistic portrait of Dave which hinted at the trauma he endured. Acrylic on prepared masonite.


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