{Casualties} at Home

"I've woken in the night to find my husband has taken out a window and is in the backyard 'fighting bad guys.' How do you go to work the next day, and over coffee say, 'You know what's going on at my house?'" confesses Angelle Peacock in Casualties at Home from the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of Legion Magazine. The article is one in a series of articles which appear in the publication focusing on the effects of Post Traumatic Stress experienced by our Canadian soldiers. It was agreed that the best way to handle this delicate subject was to focus on the reaction of the family. The mother has her back to us and is clearly responding to the presence of someone behind her. She is positioned in such a way that she stands between the new arrival in the room and the daughter who nervously chews on her nails. The art director had me remove the hand and just leave the slightly unsure face of the child in the final version. Painted in acrylics.


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