{File By EX} ~The know it all

Maria "knew they knew that she knew it all, and what she didn't know wasn't going to stop her," claims File By EX in this month's dispatch from the Canadian Civil Service.
Maria is young, ambitious without a shred of self-doubt or self-reflection, claims Ex. Fortunately for her, she's surrounded by tired old colleagues who grasp the handle of power unconvincingly and she's entrusted to prepare the commissioner and the rest of her department who must testify before a parliamentary committee. Undaunted by her lack of experience, Maria sees this as her chance to make a name for herself.
For this installment, I had Maria walking through the corridors of power as if walking on water. In her wake are her drowning colleagues.

File By EX is a monthly feature in the Ottawa Citizen. For past installments visit:


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