{ Artemis Fowl } ~ Harry Potter meets James Bond

Cleaning up the Studio in the wake of a donation to the Library & Archives of Canada and uploading illustrations from the past.
An Illustration done for the Ottawa Citizen which was printing a serialized account of Eoin Colfer's "Artemis Fowl": a book that was described as 'a cross between James Bond and Harry Potter'.

Artemis is wearing surveillance headgear similar to military night vision goggles but more space age and a bit like the 'borg' in Star Trek.  He has full lips to make him less menacing and more 'poetic'/visionary.  Artemis Fowl is a bit like Harry, a techie whiz kid who has a man-servant to take care of the physical stuff.
The man-servant was made into a very physically intimidating character wearing a mantel for his secretive but menacing potential.  For inspiration, he was loosely based off of then -German International footballer Carsten Jancker. 

Frontpiece illustration with the manservant holding some surveillance/orb that shows the 'master' 
For the title text I used a dip pen on textured paper for 'splatter' then inverted digitally.  Artwork was graphite on paper scanned and 'sweetened' digitally.  
Fun assignment. 


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