{ Blast from the Past } ~ Mug's Game; Canadian-style

Disgraced businessman/lobbyist Karl Heinz Schreiber
....meets disgraced former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
Alphonse Gagliano

Happy Warrior John Baird

Jean Chretien and the Sponsorship Scandal

Grument Grewel

Former Prime Ministers Stephen Harper and Paul Martin on Belinda Stronach

Former Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien

Jack Ramsay

A gallery of caricatures that appeared in various newspapers and books over the years.

I was studying Art History at Carleton and enrolled in a few Renaissance Art courses where I discovered the beautiful pencil portraits of Hans Holbein.  That was followed by a course devoted to Honore Daumier based on an exhibition at our National Art Gallery.  Daumier was always a talismanic artist for me.  I still have the vivid memory as a very young boy during a school trip being led through the National Art Gallery, then located on Elgin Street, and stopping awe-struck before his Third Class Carriage Paining.  His work left an impression as no other.  It still does.  These two courses had me turning away from the more linear, pen and ink style which I had been doing up until then towards a more tonal style with naturalistic volumes.  

Some of the originals are part of the permanent collection of the Library and Archives of Canada.

Graphite sticks on paper, scanned and digitized.


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