{ Working Women } ~ juggling two identities

Illustration for the Ottawa Citizen on the subject of women who balance work and the home.

A safety pin became the metaphor of joining two realms: the striped power suit and the baby blanket.

I think of my own mother, Elizabeth 'Betty' Sebastian {nee MacNeil} who was somewhat of a novelty in the Early sixties: she was a working woman when many of my school mates had the luxury of mothers who could afford to stay home. We were lower middle class and 'mom' had to work.  She did so with distinction - she rose within the Civil Service to Personal Secretary for Jean Chretien when he was Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs {as it was then called} and later the Personal Secretary to the Australian High Commissioner.
The baby blanket which served as the metaphor for home life was mine saved by my mom.
pen, brush and ink.


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