{ Kiss Me } ~ If You Can

Recent illustration for CMAJ, written by Judy Z. Segal, titled The Rhetoric of Female Sexual Dysfunction.
The Article examined the recent introduction of drugs by pharmaceutical companies which treat sexual interest in women.

The author noted the historical shift in psychological and clinical 'treatment' for women has largely been defined by gender perspectives and posits the question that this latest development is no different: that the pharmaceutical companies behind this new drug are deliberately marketing it as 'equality' for women in sexual satisfaction; the 'answer' to Viagra for men.  The 'gender wars' are in effect being co-opted by a slick marketing campaign to generate 'need' where, in clinical terms, there may not be one.  Fascinating article.

Lots of different ideas were pitched for this one, each emphasizing a certain  element of the text.  Ultimately, we opted for an homage to the famous 'Kiss' by Gustav Klimt with a slight change: I gave the woman a slightly annoyed look on her face versus the demure one in the original and I have her reaching for pills behind the man to level the interest.   For these 'homages', I've found it cannot be too much like the original otherwise the re-purposing concept gets lost.  

Pastel and watercolor.


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