{ Woe Canada } ~ Election 2015


Election time in Canada and the choices based on the polls are less than inspiring.
We have an incumbent Prime Minister who may have the lowest satisfaction numbers polled and is generally held in the lowest esteem of any sitting Prime Minister.  And that's just within his own party.  

A few months back I was hired to produce a series of Editorial cartoons for the National Union for a booklet aimed at rousing the rank and file.  It wasn't hard for me to get behind that project.
Some of the concepts were proposed by myself based on themes in the booklet.  Others were proposed by the Editor.  Biased? for sure.  

During his reign, Harper choose to ignore a First Nation's Conference and opted for a photo-op with a Panda bear given to Canada from China.  That lead to the image below with Harper stuffing a toy panda with feathers from a First Nation's headdress.  I quite enjoyed drawing the First Nations chief.

Harper's poor treatment of veterans resulted in the Prime Minister standing before the iconic Lord Kitchener poster which beckons Canadians to serve while Harper cavalierly plucks a poppy in a childish fashion.

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the likeness of Harper above so I drew a second one below.  They preferred the first.

Harper tending to Scientists and Climate Change like the Pope would tend to Galileo by restricting their explorations and offering us a smaller vision of the world.

A Biography section resulted in 'the official Harper portrait' being painted; the artist resorting to a toilet brush was a passing homage to Norman Rockwell.

And finally, Harper's contempt for Parliament. They wanted something hard hitting and less subtle.  They got it. 


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