{ A Christmas ~ Hanukkah } ~ Gift

Holiday-season illustration for the Canadian Medical Association Journal based on the personal memories of Ronald Ruskin, M.D.

The author reflected on a CCM Glider bicycle which was a Hanukkah gift given by his parents to him when he was a young boy,  His parents were poor immigrants from the Soviet Union.  The bicycle was a symbolic keepsake for Ronald, who rode it all the way through Medical school and into the launch of his professional career. 

The author meets another doctor, an immigrant from Beirut, who admires the bicycle from afar.  Like Ronald's parents, he never rode a bicycle and was fascinated by it.  The author teaches his colleague how to ride the bike and eventually, opts to give the keepsake to him.

Above the Charcoal rendering with digital coloration; below a copy of the printed page.


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