{ Repressed} ~ Memory Lane

Illustration done in the early nineties, if memory serves, for The Washington Post based on an article dealing with Repressed Memory Syndrome.   I just recently used this as a Case Study in my Illustration class in order to demonstrate mind-mapping for a Surrealist concept and I thought I would use the occasion to post it on my blog.

The article noted that some of these retrieved memories were coming under intense scrutiny primarily over the role of the Therapist and whether these Therapists were retrieving memories or sowing them. In some instances, these memories led to criminal charges and ruined lives only to discover the therapist may have 'coached' these responses.  

These were the days when I largely ignored any pencil preparatory underdrawing and dove straight in with Brush/pen and ink on Strathmore paper.  I still remember the ink - a Parker tub used largely for ball point pens that had a bluish black hue to it and it was nice and watery.


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