{Vive L' Ecosse Libre} ~ Pauline Marois travels to Scotland

If you're Parti-Quebecois leader and Premier Pauline Marois and you are the leader of your pet project, an independant Quebec, you could use all the allies you can get, right?  So naturally that takes her to.....Scotland?

Vive l' Ecosse Libre? For the Scottish, their response just might be "Je me souviens" thank you very much. 

From Scottish perspectives, never mind Scottish independent perspectives, a French endorsement is not without precedent:  Mary of Guise, Mary Queen of Scots, and Bonnie Prince Charlie all came away from French courtship with decidedly mixed results.  In the case of Bonnie Prince Charlie, he skulked back to France hidden as an old woman.  For the Scottish Indepedence movement, it may be history repeating itself -  Marois carries the 'loser stink' with her; Quebec's referendums in the past hold little cheer for the Scottish Independence movement  going 0 for 2.   

So expect stiff smiles and awkward handshakes all around.  Oh, and Ms. Marois, can I have your plate please? you must try the haggis.  The price one pays for one's country.


  1. Let's not forget that Scotland was a commercial disaster area until it united with Britain in 1707. Bad overseas investments nearly bankrupted the country in the 17th century. With the dropping of tariffs and access to British markets the Scottish economy took off and hasn't looked back since. And remember where the troops came from that fought Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham? Bonny Scotland. Marois should keep in mind 'The best laid plans etc'...

  2. Well I sure do appreciate a good quote from ole 'Rabbie' Burns!


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