{Goodbye} to the Dalton Gang

Dalton McGuinty has stepped down as leader of the Liberal Party in Ontario and as Premier of Ontario after an improbable run.  Telegenically-challenged, McGuinty surprised many by winning the leadership of both his party and the province and holding power for a record-breaking three terms besting Mitchell Hepburn and Sir Oliver Mowatt.
He had his good fortune along the way.
His reign coincided with wide-spread fatigue over the divisive Mike Harris Common-Sense Revolution.  Desperate to cling to power, the Tory campaign tried to paint McGuinty as a 'scary' individual with one attack-dog claiming McGuinty was an "evil, reptilian kitten-eater from another planet."  Laughable stuff.  McGuinty swept to power.
I depicted him with 'kitty' in hand like the Bond villain Blofeld in mock response to the Tory claims.  By far, the worst case of casting imaginable. 


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