{Peter Lougheed} ~ Reaching for the Star

"In his time in office, people described Peter Lougheed many ways. Depending on the perspective, he was western Canada’s strongest champion, one of the “blue-eyed sheiks,” the obdurate gadfly or a danger to Canada. One Ontario cabinet minister even declared him “a greater threat to Confederation than Quebec’s Rene Levesque” His position was controversial but his insistence on control of Alberta resources did much to define energy policy for the next generation."  So wrote Doug Owram in the Toronto Star following the news of Peter Lougheed's passing.
This was an illustration in acrylic I did some years back which the Star reprinted.
For more on the article visit: http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1257209--peter-lougheed-personified-rise-of-the-new-west


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