{Catch the Spirit} - Ottawa Magazine's Olympic Cocktails primer

The Olympics are just around the bend.

and Ottawa Magazine offers beverage tips to keep you properly hydrated in their 'Best of Summer' edition.

Cheering on the sweaty masses from the comforts of his armchair will be author Michael Murray and he offers his readers a cocktail primer to really catch the, er, 'Olympic spirit'.

With tongure firmly planted in cheek, Murray gives us a very personalized account of what beverage goes best with each sport.  I offered some window dressing to his words of wisdom.

Women's volleyball will undergo quite a revolution, Murray predicts, where the 'demeaning' lack of clothing will be replaced with a more inclusive policy of burqas and clogs.  This will necessitate a more 'solemn' appreciation of the sport and that has Murray sipping tea in his library.  I opted to show a very patrician individual enjoying his tea but still able to appreciate the finer points the sport has to offer.
Murray likes sailing.  However it is a perilous sport according to Murray, especially if you dress up for the event in clothing 'that is likely to get you beat up on buses or in certain towns'.  To wash away this indignity, copious amounts of gin and tonic are strongly recommended.
Murray's favorite part of the Triathlon is the name: "it sounds like a Japanese monster that took on Godzilla."  For this test of will, Murray reaches for his chocolate milk...and the console for his video games, dishwasher, Groupon deals.....etc.
Vodka is the best drink of choice for archery,  according to Murray, 'as the effects of the vodka settle, one recognizes how much one despises their job and suddenly, the spirit of the games takes over'.  For this vignette I opted to use the metaphor of William Tell and the apple only the apple is replaced with an olive found in martinis.  The swizzle stick is an arrow.
Ping Pong is a 'child's sport' for Murray, and as such, a boy's drink of coke is the best way to watch the event.  I opted to have the paddle as a serving tray.
Enjoy the games!


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