{Sauce Hollande-aise} at the Cafe Euro

Welcome to the Cafe Euro.
Since we last visited, the French opted to replace the old Chef, Nicholas Sarkozy, for a new Chef, the so-called 'Mr. Normal', Francois Hollande, because 'Sarko' was deemed much too crass and spicy for the refined French palate.
Hollande, a Socialist, promised a menu of largesse but will quickly discover the cupboard is bare and his patrons are notorious for their fickle tastes.  Whether to 'eat well' or 'eat responsibly' depends on how you feel about getting your 'greens' from Brussels.
Could it get any worse? 
The 'landlord' of the Cafe Euro is Germany,  the largest and most solvent of all the European nations.  Germany bankrolls the European Union and it is German industry and discipline that keeps the creditors from foreclosing the Cafe Euro.  Some 70 years removed from the Second World War, Europeans turn to the Germans to save their bacon.  Irony is a favorite dish at the Cafe Euro.  Bon Appetit.


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