{MADMEN} Canadian version

It's still early in the season, but there is an unmistakable 'style' to the Harper government. It's the little things: returning the 'Royal' in our Air Force and Armed Forces [how much will that cost to change stationary, signage etc.?], providing a unilingual Anglophone who is taking French lessons while in the position of Auditor General. The message is implicit: let's turn the clock back to yesteryear when Canada was just right.
This dovetails nicely with the much-anticipated return of MadMen, which has resulted in a renaissance of 50s-60s style and nostalgia. In the case of Harper, it is more a person who has stood still and now finds himself a man of the times.
With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Harper is portrayed as the flawed protagonist Donald Draper from the popular show but the sentiment is probably not far removed from Harper's secret wishes.
As the slogan for the show proclaims: "Welcome to a Mad New World"
enjoy the show


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