{Swinging Dicks, Sticks, and Fartcatchers} in Ottawa Magazine

So here's the story. The phone rings. It's the Art Director from Ottawa Magazine. She's called Jane. Jane is looking for, ahem, Dick. Dick and Jane. To be more precise: 'swinging dick'. An erect phallus. A reference to Larry O'Brien's infamous dick-swinging contests. It's for the March/April 2011 "Reasons to Love Ottawa" edition in Ottawa Magazine. It's gets, uhm, 'better'. She is also in need of an illustration of a catcher. A catcher of farts. Apparently, these are the yes-men on the hill who follow in their ministers, uhm, wake. Good job if you can get it. Only one job worse is drawing them maybe? The final image in this triad has John Baird as our local Braveheart enforcer, newly minted Jim Watson with his mits pinned to his jersey, and Dalton McGuinty with his tried and true dipstick. Quite the team. Ah, the life of an illustrator.


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