A doctor is made to feel awkward by the extreme gratitude extended to her by her patients while working in a refugee clinic for her kindness in a story published within CMAJ.
The doctor thinks little of their esteem because it is not tied to her diagnostic prowess but rather for her 'soft skills'.
That changes dramatically, when the roles are reversed and she is the patient who is informed of the disastrous results to a second-trimester pregnancy by her doctor. She is moved by his tears and it is 'his kindness that is more dear to her than anything he has done for her family in years'.
This experience makes her appreciate more fully her therapeutic powers and the respect they deserve.
She sets up another appointment with her doctor in order to see him and hug him.


  1. The art is absolutely tremendous on its own, but being able to read the story behind it magnifies its impact. Kudos Mr. Sebastian. Great great post!


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