{File By EX} ~ Is pushed to the limit

Belinda was a senior officer in the government who led a dozen employees on her team. She saw herself as a 'System scientist' who understood modern management methodologies and applied them for maximum efficiency. Her hero? Douglas MacArthur. Duty, honor, & country would be her 'code' and she would see if her employees 'had what it takes' to 'be all they could be'. Towards this goal, Belinda constructs a Public Servant Great Seal of Canada Adventure Challenge which is modeled on the Great Navy SEAL Adventure Challenge TM . With tragic consequences for her employees of course. So writes File By EX for the Ottawa Citizen in his latest monthly dispatch while 'embedded' within the Public Service.
My task? how to illustrate this. I opted to illustrate one of Belinda's beleaguered charges forced to 'drop down and give Belinda twenty' at the water cooler while Belinda, dressed as Douglas MacArthur, pours the water over his head to build character or as a form of water-boarding depending upon your sympathies.
The illustration was done using Chinese ink stick and stone, with sponge brushes, Chinese brushes, dip pens and commercial inks.
For other installments of File by EX visit: http://www2.canada.com/ottawacitizen/features/exfiles/index.html


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