{I've got a Confession to make....} ~ CMAJ

Two health care workers, 'Younger Sarah' and 'Older Sarah', discuss the rituals involved in donating blood 'Down Under' and here in Canada in CMAJ's Holiday Issue titled "An Intercultural and semi-confessional reflection on blood donation". The 'two Sarah's' offer a nuanced, semi-confessional and humorous look at blood donation where the attendant rituals of blood donation are not unlike going to Church and offering Confession. A fact that resonated for the 'two Sarah's when you consider 'Nurses' are called 'Sisters' in Australia.
With this metaphor in place, I opted to show the 'two Sarah's as archetypes for each respective country: the 'Outback Aussie Sarah' and the 'Lumberjack Sarah' for Canada. Both are enjoying the ritual cookie offered in both countries to all blood donors but the 'juice' has been replaced with the Chalice and the blood/wine within.
Watercolors, colored inks, ink and pencil were used on watercolor paper.


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