{File By EX} - in the RAW

In this month's File by EX, Jack is caught up in the DM Carousel game: he wants to jump on and ride the System going up and down along with the other 'captives'. For Jack, the ticket to this ride would be paid through the Employee Innovation Program, which offered members of the System a ten thousand dollar reward if they can come up with a way to save money and improve service. Jack's idea? rent out public servants. He even came up with a name for the idea and called it the Rent-a-Wonk, or RAW, program. Based on a sliding rental scale of service, the RAW program would factor in how deep the pockets of the suitor was. A Carousel has poles with horses at the end, and RAW suggested 'in the raw' and that suggested a Dancer's Pole. For Jack and his colleagues in the System, a demeaning and vicious cycle.
The image was done using Chinese Ink Sticks and brushes, sponge brushes, dip pens, and commercial inks.
File by EX is a monthly installment in the Ottawa Citizen. For past installments of File By EX visit: http://www2.canada.com/ottawacitizen/features/exfiles/index.html


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