{File By EX} - No More "I Love You" 's?

Benoit and Marj were not the only hearts and minds captured by the Employee Innovation Program. Jason and Ramona were also eager to cash in on the $10,000 reward for improving the service to Canadians. The sticking point was any proposal had to be tied to tangible results. Jason, an old hand, recognized the Government's addiction to Renewal Action Plans and how they all promised with weary regularity to reform and renew from within. Jason estimated this addiction had been going on for 22 years. Jason's solution? Save the taxpayer money by shutting down the endless task forces, websites, action plans, conferences, meetings, awards etc. by creating a suitable swansong. Literally. For Jason's idea was to provide a campaign based on the movie 'P.S. I Love You': you would have your PS heroine, 'Holly', who is passionately, impetuously married to her job, but is informed of its demise. She is helped from 'beyond' by a victim of previous cutbacks. Jason started to draw up the Innovation program proposal and the screenplay. I produced a satirical take on the original movie poster: 'Holly' is a little more 'mature' than Hillary Swank in my rendition. The original love story had Holly receiving letters from her dead husband. A never-dying love from beyond the grave? hmm. That got me thinking of Dracula and vampyres since many in the PS suggest the 'job sucks the life out of you'. With those two movie references in place, I have 'mature Holly', looking at the letter only to discover she's been corresponding with Dracula who has left her with a pain in the neck.
The illustration was done using Chinese ink sticks, sponge brushes, chinese calligraphy brushes, dip pens, and commercial inks.

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