{File By EX} - WWGD?

The new Employee Innovation Program had Marj and Benoit in a tizzy, according to the this month's dispatch from the System by our anonymous File By EX. Ten thousand dollars reward for any successful plan which could save money and improve service would seem a natural incentive but for Marj and Benoit the 'bonus' would be to settle some personal scores. Enter: Alain, Marj's boss. "Alain was a leader in the Ancien System regime mode who believed that intimidation, sarcasm and fear were key qualities of leadership. Like Genghis Khan, Alain believed that it was not enough to succeed. All others had to fail and that meant Marj". Worse for Marj: Genghis Khan had died triumphant. Lucky for Marj, her colleague Benoit had an innovative mind, and a healthy dislike for meetings. Necessity being the mother of all good inventions, Benoit’s idea for the Employee Innovation Program was to make meetings 'more productive' : meeting chairs would have to prepare a quiz that each attendee would take after the meeting. And who doesn't like preparing and taking a quiz?
The Illustration was done using Chinese calligraphy brushes and ink sticks, sponge brushes, and commercial inks with dip pen nibs.
File by EX is a monthly installment in the Ottawa Citizen. For past installments of File by EX visit:


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