{File by EX} feels Unappreciated

"Maria was frustrated in her job. Her boss in the policy directorate in which she worked was Denise, a paranoid but powerful doyenne who thought she knew everything but who didn’t know what she didn’t know. Denise always expected Maria to follow her erratic lead yet never included her in any significant discussions or decisions," writes File By EX in the latest dispatch from the Federal Civil Service.
The secretive, controlling Denise would have Maria provide BNs [Briefing Notes in Civil Service-speak] on a various range of topics, one of which dealt with legalizing marijuana, without informing Maria of the complete picture which she herself kept.
I choose to show Maria receiving a token of Denise's appreciation; a plant for her office, however, Denise being Denise, there is a spy camera within.
The illustration was completed using Chinese ink sticks, brushes, dip pens and commercial inks on watercolor paper.
For other installments of File By EX visit: http://www2.canada.com/ottawacitizen/features/exfiles/index.html


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