{File by EX} - Can't Beat the System, Man

Martin, a senior faceless, enigmatic and supportive-of-those-in-power bureaucrat, is the quintessential organization man, one who had been around (according to ambitious young up-and-comers) forever. Sporting his gray flannel suit, starched (heavy) shirt, tie, and homburg, Martin was a throwback to another sartorial era. But looks prove deceiving for the enigmatic Martin was also ruthless and punished anyone who got in his way.
Enter, Sylvain.
Eloquent in both official languages, his silver tongue and overwhelming ambition were his downfall. Word got back to Martin that Sylvain was taking the credit for the progress being made on the VIMPGOVPRO and therefore, by extension, minimizing Martin’s role. Within two weeks Sylvain was working for an obscure government agency on the other side of town. Of course, being the System, he was promoted but his banishment fooled no one. It would be years before he made it back to the centre.

In this month's installment of File By EX, I chose to show Sylvain in the limelight, with his chest puffed out as he points to himself. His cast-shadow, however, is the enigmatic Martin who terminates Sylvain from point-blank range.The illustration was done with Chinese brushes and ink stick, sponges, dip pens on watercolor paper.File By EX is a monthly feature in the Ottawa Citizen. For past installments visit: http://www2.canada.com/ottawacitizen/features/exfiles/index.html


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