{File By EX} ~ Operation Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party brings out the best [or worst?] in the Civil Service in this month's installment of File by EX, the monthly feature in the Ottawa Citizen. The plan was to have ADM Sam give a speech and hand out 'gag' gifts to the employees based on their personalities. One of those employees is Belinda, who is given a bugle because she " loves to lead social activities. She's the first to come forward to head the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign in the office and is the first to organize the office team for the annual Terry Fox run; she even orders T-shirts with the name of the sector emblazoned on the back."

The best laid plans of Belinda can not, however, account for Sam, her "perfectionist and a detail person" ADM: Sam imbibes during Lunch, and staggers up to the podium handing out gifts and profanitites in equal measure.

The illustration shows Belinda in the distance sounding her bugle dressed as Santa's Little Helper; Sam 'sounds off' with a 'raspberry' of scorn which was meant to be a visual echo of Belinda's bugle.
The illustration was completed using Chinese ink sticks, sponge brushes, commercial inks, brushes, and pen nibs.


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