{Portfoolio 23} ~ The Year's Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons

Remember the disruptive kid who sat in the back of the classroom cracking wise and leaving subervise drawings? Chances are they grew up to be an editorial cartoonist and they ended up in Portfoolio 23: The Year's Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons.
Serge Chapleau's response to the oft-asked question "Where do you get your ideas?" is probably not far off the mark: "By working with the best comedy writers in the world: politicians"
Editorial cartooning and caricature can be traced back to the Romans where politicians and celebrities would end up drawn in bawdy graffitti on the local buildings and baths. During the Renaissance, caricature was 'rediscovered' and given legitmacy through Annibale Carracci, who turned to this black art when tired of his day job painting 'straight' commissions for Pope's and notables. Other 'Fine Artists' who followed this path were Honore Daumier, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.
The annual collection highlights the past year’s editorial cartoons with a wry, breezy accompanying text to remind readers which politicians shot themselves in the foot and which tycoons fell from grace.
There are mug shots of the cartoonists hiding behind nom-de-plumes complete with biographies detailing their checkered past.
I'm honored to call myself a member of this motley crew; and these three cartoons were featured within the book.


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