{File By EX } ~ Keep Your Enemies in Meetings

"The best way to thwart rivals in other departments is to include them on your committee -- the trick is rounding them up" so sez File By EX in his latest dispatch from the Civil Service.

In this week's installment, EX notes the trials and tribulations of Meeting organizer Sebastien, who is forced to organize a meeting for Assistant Deputy Minister Simon. In typical Civil Service-speak, Sebastien's mission is clear: "Sebastien’s job was to convince a bunch of ADM’s who didn’t want to attend to come to a meeting Simon didn’t want to have in order to give advice he didn’t want to listen to."

I opted to depict Sebastien as a 'fixer', similar to Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, however Sebastien is much less successful and adept. This portrait of Sebastien trying to herd cats indicates he's in over his head.

The illustration was done with Chinese Ink sticks and brushes and Indian Ink and dip pen nibs.
To see past installments visit: http://www2.canada.com/ottawacitizen/features/exfiles/index.html


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