{Burmese veterans} rewarded

An illustration for Legion Magazine which dealt with the efforts to locate Burmese vets from the Second World War in order to compensate them for their wartime service.
Burma remains a tightly controlled regime, and the undertaking had to be secret otherwise the safety of the veterans they were trying to help could be compromised.
Sherry Scott, who headed the effort, noted:
“We were in the jungle. We were so far from civilization. When you go to these places you think, well I’m going to manage without a bathroom for a start. I’m going to manage without a mattress, because of course there are no beds, there are no rooms, but there are wells. So we have lovely fresh well water, fresh vegetables. We dine on things like rat, which isn’t as bad as it sounds, because they’re vegetarian rats. They’re a bit like chicken.”
Acrylic on prepared masonite


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